Fleckney New Life Church

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Hide and Seek - September 2013

Together again after the lovely summer, New Life’s “Connect” was back to its usual form for “Hide and Seek”. “Wally” and “Wenda” greeted everyone with some games on the big screen and then into teams for a search for hidden words.

The tiny people had their own search for cuddly toys, all coming together to read out the sentences they had made. “Seek and you will find”, “Knock and the door will open” and “Ask and it will be given” were the statements found and the little ones had “God smiles when we talk to him”. Many people wrote prayers for the new Connect prayer board, before listening to Andy (or was it Wally?) tell us about talking to God. Everyone joined in with songs and this time we had a Connect Choir to help us. As usual the tea was fantastic and a special thanks to Julie who prepares the food for every session. Also there were many helpers in the kitchen to tidy up, showing how true the phrase “Many hands make light work” is. It is so good to be able to get to know one another over a meal. I found out someone grows “snozzcumbers” on their allotment! Once again we ran out of time and all children had a go in the Lucky Dip on the way out. We look forward to the next “Connect” on October 13th in the village hall, (4.30 – 6pm) when we will be thinking about “walking through fire!” - how to stand up for yourself and what you believe.  Connect is an open invitation for any families who would like to come to spend time together, having fun and learning about God’s love. It is free too!